Admissions in the Law Programmes for the session commencing September 2014 are now open.              All campuses are AFFILIATE CENTRES of University of London AND have Permission to Teach (PTT) Diploma in Law, University of London.

Term Dates
The academic year at TILS comprises three terms-autumn, spring and summer-beginning mid September and ending in mid May

First Term
3rd week of September to end of November

Second Term
First week of December to last week of February

Third Term
First week of March to mid May
The information given on this website is as accurate and complete as possible given the date of launch and The Institute reserves the right to make amendments as and when deemed appropriate.

Director's Note

We thank you for considering our Institute where you shall be spending the most crucial years of your academic life.
It is important for you to appreciate our aims and objectives. TILS was established in Islamabad in 2004, when the academic facilities for law students in Islamabad did not include a qualified faculty and comprehensive support, which is essential for obtaining a law degree. The idea of establishing TILS was conceived by students who had obtained the University of London LLB degree, and wanted to establish an institution where students would not face the difficulties that had been encountered by them. Thus TILS emerged as the new definition of legal education, setting new standards of excellence.
TILS has not only maintained and but has improved upon its standards in imparting education through a dedicated and committed faculty supplemented by up-to-date resource materials. Our interaction and liaison with prestigious foreign universities have caused us to match their standards. We endeavour to provide our students not just with complete academic support but also the support required for their personal growth, their decision making abilities; their negotiating skills and their ability to work as a team so as to enable them to appreciate their own potential. We are their family outside their homes. TILS becomes the place where students enrol knowing that their academic issues shall be addressed and taken care of. Our absolute commitment not only helps us gain our student's respect and affinity, but also provides a healthy, conducive, and comfortable environment which can only be experienced at TILS.
The LLB (Hons) of University of London is one of the most prestigious and intense law programmes in the world. Our students, who have successfully completed this course, have been admitted to prestigious Universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, UCL, SOAS, Cornell, Colombia etc for post-graduate degree courses or have become successful practicing Barristers or Solicitors in Pakistan and/or England. Our student councillors have played an important role in assisting students realise their aims and to opt for careers best suited to their intellectual aptitudes.
The legal vocation is a powerful profession which equips one with the power of words. The relevance of law pertains not just in the legal infrastructure which is the backbone of any society's economic and social development, but also provides a person the confidence and foundation to step into the country's political arena. We aspire to create future leaders of our country - leaders who will break the status quo which has drawn Pakistan away from the progression and development.
We are an institution dedicated to providing a foundation for our students which helps them appreciate the broader horizons that the legal fraternity has to offer in contributing to the life and liberty of a country. Therefore in the three-year LLB Honours Programme they must prove absolute commitment and dedication for the fulfilment of their objective of being successful lawyers.
Welcome to the Institute of Legal Studies!

Jalees Qasir Sara Khatak
Director Director